A: Our primary goal in selling your home is getting you the highest possible price for your home. Our goal is NOT speed. The reason our strategy is geared towards selling in 28 days is because homes that sell in the first 30 days on the market tend to sell for significantly more money than homes that sit on the market for months.  Our Exclusive Retirement Selling System is second to none because it will net you more money and help you avoid all the headaches that come with a high number of days on the market. 

The “catch” is you must be realistic about what your home will actually sell for in today’s market, and you must be ready to pack.  This strategy is not for the “toe the water” seller looking to test the market, it works for motivated sellers only.  This process is a team effort between you and our team to get you the results you desire.  A strategic combination of aggressive marketing and professional staging is fully implemented in order maximize the effectiveness of our approach.  We provide everything needed, you simply have to be ready to move.

First, most properties will qualify…as long as you are truly committed to selling your home. To find out if our guarantee is right for you, simple contact us to schedule a strategy session No pressure. No obligation. After which, you can decide if our Exclusive Retirement Selling System is right for you.

A: Many sellers have suffered through their house sitting on the market for months and their agent being completely stumped about why it’s not selling.  The reality is that the only reason a home does not sell quickly in today’s market is because of an ineffective marketing plan or an ineffective pricing strategy.  That is why we don’t just promise timely results, we guarantee results.

A: By carefully studying the market supply and demand and pricing statistics, we have been able to apply a formula that gets homes sold in an average of 9.7 Days on the Market at full market value.

A:  No problem.  We can modify our Selling Strategy to meet your specific needs and goals.  You will still benefit from our powerful Exclusive Retirement Selling System which has been proven to get the highest price and the best terms for our clients over and over again.

Great question.  It’s one of the topics we’ll be discussing in our strategy session.  Go ahead and schedule a strategy session with me today so we can determine if the Exclusive Retirement Selling System is for you.

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